ベータ版のAtomic Swapウォレット


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ベータ版のAtomic Swapウォレット




•ベータ版のAtomic Swapウォレットは、testnetでのみ使用できます






While there is still a lot of work to be done, we wanted you to experience the power of Atomic Swaps as soon as possible.

Some quick FAQs:
•Our beta Atomic Swap wallet is only to be used with testnet
•Only Ethereum and Bitcoin can be swapped for now
•Step-by-step instructions on how to use the wallet available
•You will always be fully in control of your tokens
•Bug bounty available (please contact us at
•We are not conducting an ICO for this project stands out when compared to other cryptocurrency projects. We’re less concerned with writing a white paper or conducting an ICO as we are with delivering on our promise to build a truly decentralized exchange.

What improvements are coming before the end of the year?
•A decentralized order matching engine
•An option to list many different tokens
•User experience improvements iterations
•Ability to trade directly from within your existing wallet
•Mainnet version launch after security audit is completed

What is company’s mission?

Our mission at is to empower everyone, regardless of market knowledge, to trade altcoins securely and with confidence. 事前登録リンク